Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jubilee of Trees

Our little tree was called Jingle Bell Junction and turned out pretty cute. Ang had pretty much everything done so all I had to do was wire the stuff on. nothing too tuff. Dustin made the cute little houses, and not one of them was in foreclosure. . . . so the sale went through pretty easily. I heard it went for about $2800, some crazy person in Stone Cliff. But hey, if you have to pay that much- it was good that it was ours. I noticed some of the trees only actioned for $600 -800, and others didn't even sell. not sure what they do with those. I was glad for the break from all the stress, and it was good to visit with Ang, Whitnee and Holly. I won't send you a picture of our tree, I'm pretty sure it will be just a normal everyday tree. But feel free to post pictures of your cute trees so I can see what I'm missing. Oh, and make sure there are some cute little kids next to them.