Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Higher . . . higher . . . higher!

this was just part of the fun while Jaci was here. Of course we might have had more fun watching Garrett flop around than he had flopping.

Monday, April 14, 2008

And we had fun fun fun . . . . .

Holy Cow! I did it, but don't ask how long it took me. pheeeewwwww.
Soooo, this is a fun weekend we had here in sunny St. George. ( today was 88*)
Friday, the kids , grandpa and I went up to Pioneer Park and played . The kids went through 'fat mans misery' and we all ran around and took pictures. Saturday there was badminton and trampoline. Sunday Great Grandma Spendlove came to join the circus for dinner. I'm not sure an 'Aunt Bessie' Cake ever disappeared so quickly. Today, Mon., we peeled wallpaper off the main bathroom walls until our fingers hurt, and then roasted hot dogs & smores up on the red hill again. Adam took his bike, then A.J. & Adam did a quick climb before it was completely dark. After watching, Tanner decided he could probably do it, and jumped up to the lowest hold. Next time we will rope him in and send him up too! Rob will probably have a heart attack, . . . . but he's not here. So we're set.
We really missed Tye, Ang, Jake, Marci, and WHIT! I know he would like the new babies as much as Halle does.
Watch for a funny video of Josh and the boys on the tramp, hopefully I can figure out how to post it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Time fun is here

Berlyn has started to really love the "jumpy jump" lately and getting pretty good. And- as shown in this pic....no problem giving mom a quick "cheese".
Dres loves to "wee" (as he calls it). Always seems to keep him busy and happy.
Little bath time buddies....they love their tub time.
The proof has arrived!!! The beast that has been living inside Dres has finally pulled through. Too bad it's only the first one of the molars. He turns into oonne unhappy kid when he's teething. Even Grammy and Papa have been so privileged to experienced the beastly behavior lately! :) Good thing he also has such a cute side to make up for it!