Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills

When Jake worked at T-Mobile at the kiosk in the Draper Walmart he was always texting me pictures of hilarious/freaky people that he saw while sitting there. That gave me an idea to create a website called where you can post pictures of all the wierd & funny stuff you see every day. (Of course I never created a website like that because I got bored with the idea after about 20 seconds). It could have been pretty amusing though, similar to RateMyMullet only instead of exclusively mullets it might feature any nasty/funny thing you saw that day: shoulder hair, camel toe, goiters, etc.
I've been seeing some bizarre stuff this week, perfect for it existed.
St. Louis is home to Anheuser Busch and St. Louisans love them some beer. On Monday, the marquee at the gas station read, "THIRSTY! Family Pack Bud $15.99" so apparently beer is for families now. My next door neighboor is a nun--yes a nun--the other day she came home from the grocery store with a massive case of Bud Light.
Then, on my way to work, I followed a car that was all covered in shaving cream and condoms, trailing cans behind it. The back window said, "Just Divorced!!"
And then there's Ninja. I know it's wierd and a little sad to write about your cat in a blog post, but here it is: Ninja is a junk food junkie. If I try to give her tuna or chicken she looks at me like I've lost my mind. But last night I opened a bag of Funyuns and next thing I know her head is buried 6 inches in the bag, just a big furry cat-butt sticking out. real nice. Apparently, after all the Funyuns she felt the need to freshen her breath because when I walked into the dining room today I found a pack of gum utterly destroyed, bits of half-chewed gum still in the wrapper all over the table. (She also has a similar fetish for chocolate, toothpaste and flowers).
At least she didn't get drunk and pass out like that time Mooshie (aka Smash, Smasher, Big Kitty, etc.) OD'd on catnip. I still wish I could have been there to see that. That would definitely be the top-rated video on
That reminds me--do you think you could Overnight FedEx me one of Milkshake's kittens? Or send it with Jake and Marz. There is nothing like the experience of driving half-way across the country with a psycho cat.

Monday, June 25, 2007

making Sweet Sweet love

I wonder if this guy ever gets any?! Nasty!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

play day

I love this picture of mom and Halle. We spent part of Memorial Day in Provo Canyon. I love it up there it's beautiful. Too bad no one else could be there. We Played some games, ate and did our part to clean up the world by picking up about 3 garbage bags full of garbage out of the river.


I think purple is the color of gay... if not at least it matches his outfit. Anyway, While Sarah was at girls camp the boys raided her closet. Tait was marching around the house in this getup laughing his head off and my little neighbor girl (lexi) says "man, I am hot" (clearly meaning that she was sweating, due to the coat and scarf she was wearing in the 85 degree weather) and Tait yells "well I am HOTTER!! (obviously thinking she meant to challenge his womanhood). I was totally cracking up and he wasn't sure why so he walked off in a huff and said "well, I do make a hideous cup of tea!" I am not quite sure why I have such weird kids. Do you think it was learned or were they born that way? hmmm.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Eye of the Tyegrrr

Time to do a little (ok, a LOT) of bragging about Tye. Besides being terribly charming and ferociously handsome, he is also-according to a doctor at his school-"incredible."

First of all, Tye has a reputation on campus for being the best adjuster and there are several professors/doctors that seek him out anytime they need an adjustment. Keep in mind that he hasn't even been in clinic yet--meaning he doesn't see patients. He has earned this reputation just from technique classes where he passes off stuff to a teacher.

So anyway, because of his reputation, there was a kid (we'll call him Bob) that requested for Tye to be his student clinician when he started in Clinic a couple weeks ago. Bob had been seeing a Dr. in the clinic for a few months due to some back pain (which had been diagnosed as a bulging disk) but he hadn't really been getting the results that he needed.

So the first day Bob comes in to see Tye, Tye goes over his charts, checks out the diagnosis and feels Bob's back. Tye then proceeds to tell Bob the diagnosis he recieved is wrong, the treatment he's been recieving is wrong, etc. etc. He tells Bob he doesn't have a bulging disk he has a strain. Bob is doubtful. Bulging Disk sounds more serious and Bob thinks that would justify the pain he is in. Tye calls in one of the supervising clinicians who then checks over Tye's new diagnosis and says (while Bob sits there listening), "Wow Tye, I'm amazed. Your diagnosis is right on. Go ahead and adjust." So Tye adjusts Bob and then the clinician says " Great adjustment, Tye. I'm very impressed.You're incredible." Then he plops down the clipboard and leaves. Tye is stoked. Bob is stoked. Bob is now totally on Tye's team, recommending his friends and family, etc. And everyone lived happily ever after.

One thing that didn't work out very "happily ever after" is that Tye got assigned to the St. Peters clinic. He is bummed about that because the clinic is a 40 minute drive and all of these recommendations and referrals he receiving are for local people and nobody in their right mind wants to drive 40 minutes and pay full-price for a student intern to adjust them. He has to have a certain number of 'new patients' and he has no idea how he's going to come up with that many people that are willing to drive clear to the next county just to see him.

One other thing that is new and exciting about Tye is his new calling as ward mission leader. When the bishop extended the calling he said, "Although this is not a bishopric calling, when looking for a Ward Mission Leader, I call someone that I would be comfortable calling to the bishopric. I believe it requires a person of that same calibre." I thought that was really awesome. It is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of time which is the one thing that Tye doesn't have enough of as it is, so he is feeling the pressure. But he is going to do great. The missionaries are working with some excellent contacts so that keeps it exciting.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that even though we all knew that Tye is the best, everyone here in Missouri now knows it too.