Friday, November 21, 2008

On Nephi, and Lehi, and Enos and Omni . . .

Okay everybody, it's official. Aaron received his mission call yesterday, Thursday. Angie texted him to let him know that the 'big white envelope' had arrived. I think he was pretty wired or wigged out by the time he got home from work. He decided to torture himself further by waiting until 8 pm to open it so that everyone could be here. We called Jaci and Jake so they could hear along with the rest of us. His call is to Anchorage Alaska - English speaking, and he leaves on Feb. 25th 2009. We had everyone write down their guesses on where he was going; 'officially' there was no winner, no one was even close. But the unofficial winner was Dad, he said he was going to Twoboobs, Alaska. Lucky guess! About the only comment A.J. made was "I'm going to freeze to death!" We are really excited for him, what a exciting place to go. And we are extra proud of his decision to serve a mission. He's a great example for his friends here and I know those friends who are already serving will be excited to know he is joining them in the field. hummmm, this puts a new twist on 'the field is WHITE, already to harvest.' We love you A.J.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Step. Bomp! Step. BompBomp!

Here is the Christmas Line-up
for Two Thousand and Eight in the year of our Lord.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A few more pics...I've been having some fun with PhotoShop.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey Gacki, here are the pictures I took of Halle for your 'private collection.'

Happity Halloweenie

All of the not-so-spooky-spooks from the Schramm house of horrors.
pretty much the scariest thing was Tanner (not pictured, of course, because cameras steal your soul) he was "guy who got stabbed by pencil" which consisted of a pencil sticking out of his shirt and blood (ketchup) dripping down the front and back of the wounds. Just use your imagination.
Sarah was????? just make up a weird name and that was her. The rest are pretty obvious. Hope you all had a fun Hallllllooooooweeeeennnnnn. This year we let the kids choose, draw and cut theirown pumpkins so we had a few "cyclops" pumpkins and a very cool one covered in warts.