Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dresden & Berlyn

Are these
cute kids
or what?
their daddy
is kind of
cute too.
Their mom's
not bad
We're also
happy to
have them
close by

I like to eat. I like to eat green eggs & ham. Red berries ain't bad either.

This is a happy boy! He likes to eat. He also likes the little red berries off the tree, he thinks they're tasty! But like a good boy, he pooped them out, much to his dads chagrin. 'See Dad, they're harmless."
(Haha, I scored the cute pictures before his mom could. Jacis' family will be here tomorrow - bet i beat with them too :)

Christmas morning

ahhh, here's our Christmas tree, and also one of the best presents. Whit liked the boxes and paper the best. Grandpa decided to play peek a boo with him, but I'm not so sure that he thought it was as fun as grandpa did.

Trick my truck!

hummmm, this is my second try. We'll see what happens. "Anyhooters" as the subject of this video would say, Big Red is about to vacate the garage. GOOD TH I NG! He is moving to someone elses shop to get a motorsectimy and
new spectacles. (windshield) Right now he has tiny little wheels because the new big ones are
sooooo big, that the truck won't fit in the garage. It is still loud, still eats gas, and still costs
more than he'll ever get for it. Now that's love, or insanity.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I vote for Gifts to be given on EVERY holiday...

And here is what I want for New Years:

They are on sale here right now for only $37.50 and it includes a tall one and a short one. But here is the problem--I want one in blue and one in yellow, so does anyone want to go in on them with me? We order one set of yellow and one set of blue and then we both get one of each color--any takers????? PLEASE??? They're so cute! I'd even be willing to get a pink set instead of yellow if you prefer...anyone? anyone?
(Am I the only one that ever looks at this blog? Am I just writing posts to myself?)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My camera is awesome

It was a foggy day yesterday morning (which I love) so I wandered around my apartment and took some pictures. And Damn. Some are pretty cool. Imagine how cool they will be when I actually learn to use the thing without wiggling or on any other setting besides "Auto". Click on these to enlarge, they are much more impressive when you can see them a little better.