Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tess Hattie

I've been waiting to put these pictures on, because
I figured Jaci would probably want
to be the one to do it. But obviously
she's got her hands full and
Grammy gets to be the one.
Halle blue eyes loves her little sis,
as do all the other siblings. Grammy and Grandpa are pretty smitten too. We're
excited to go up for Taits' baptism and Tess' blessing the end of the month.

End of the year fun . . .

These are some of the cuties we found under our tree . . .

Berlyn & Dresden were trying extra hard to be good for Santa, hoping to find what's on their lists.

I suspect that Adam was trying too.
I w o n der what was on his list? Could it be . . . Char ?

Then we have our dancing Queen, Halle Kate the great. She didn't want to let Whit out do her.

While we were up north, we went to Temple Square with Jacis' family.
It was c c cold.