Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello, it's me!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anyone got any unsolicited advice for Jaci?

Since Jaci and Rob have been busy the past several months with buying, selling and re-finishing homes, they haven't had a lot of time to consider names for the little girl coming in TWO WEEKS!! I thought we could all pitch in and help with some suggestions.

I put the names Sarah, Elizabeth, Halle, Kate and Jacilyn into nameberry and here are some of the suggestions it gave:
Addison (for a girl? wierd.)

I guess these are a little better than the ones mom found on the family tree: Phylora, Arseneth, Ursula, Medora and Seythia.
Anyone else have any helpful suggestions?
Here is another fun website for baby name searching: BabyNameWizard

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jubilee of Trees

Our little tree was called Jingle Bell Junction and turned out pretty cute. Ang had pretty much everything done so all I had to do was wire the stuff on. nothing too tuff. Dustin made the cute little houses, and not one of them was in foreclosure. . . . so the sale went through pretty easily. I heard it went for about $2800, some crazy person in Stone Cliff. But hey, if you have to pay that much- it was good that it was ours. I noticed some of the trees only actioned for $600 -800, and others didn't even sell. not sure what they do with those. I was glad for the break from all the stress, and it was good to visit with Ang, Whitnee and Holly. I won't send you a picture of our tree, I'm pretty sure it will be just a normal everyday tree. But feel free to post pictures of your cute trees so I can see what I'm missing. Oh, and make sure there are some cute little kids next to them.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

okay, so obviously I have no idea HOW to put a video from youtube on here . . . so just go to the link and watch these fantastic quints, ( ) it's amazing how much they look and act alike!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When Josh and Lauren and I had a Glee marathon last weekend I was telling them about this group of 5th graders in New York. They have a talented and dedicated teacher that has taught them to sing and MAN! Can they sing. There are a hundreds of videos of them on YouTube but these some of my favorites:

or go here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Growing up too fast!

GQ Tanner sporting his new stylin hat and ultra cool
pocket watch. It's hard to believe he's now 12,
a newly ordained Deacon and going to Jr. High.

And then there's Sarah, who at 15 is our adventuresome
and beautiful style setter,eclectic though it may be.

The girls, Halle & Sarah
and the whole gang: Tait
(totally put out about having
to put his Sunday clothes back on),
Garrett, Tanner,
Sar Bear and Halle Kate.
Hereeeeee's Halle! Dancing her way into our hearts. She's so cute, I know Jaci didn't mind getting the grass stains out of her new tights . . . . I hope. whispered 'I love you Jaci.'

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

happy anniversary to the fabulous couple that spawned a generation of goofballs.

We, the goofballs, love you.
Your Geek Squad

P.S. Josh, you need to add a picture. for posterity.


Unless something really lame happens, I guess we will be getting out of here in 29 days. Please send good thoughts, big muscles and cardboard boxes. Hopefully we can find a house for us now or a really big cardboard box to stay in until then. YEAH!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just me and my mom . . .

y Mom and I went to see her brother Ronald
in Washington the 13th - 19th of July.
oi vey (?), what a long drive! We stopped in
Idaho and stayed the 1st night with my old
roomie, Peggy, then arrived at uncle Rons
Tues. evening.
While there, we went to see Moms Aunt Sue
and her son Lewie Maudsley.

This lovely 2 hr. drive did me in and by screeching to an abrupt stop, I was able to take a much closer look at the beautiful flora and fauna and even left the critters a surprise! I am now my uncles favorite niece
because I DIDN'T decorate his car.
We had a great visit and I got to see my cousins that I haven't seen since they were probably 10 and 6. The country is absolutely beautiful - if you don't mind being totally lost all the time. Which I was, being directionally dysfunctional, but with the help of hand drawn maps and lots of phone calls ( thank heavens for cell phones) we were able to return home with only a few minor snafus!
When Adam was little, he heard my uncle do his duck talk, so with any luck, the video will work and you will see the 'original' but uncooperative talking duck.
hummm, guess not! maybe tomorrow.

Washington Trip with Mom

hummmm, obviously I don't seem to know how to load these in the order I had intended . . . . so I'll try to identify this scrambled mess.
Grandma Adams ( me mama) and I headed to Washington State to visit her favorite brother. oppps, did I say that? Maybe I meant MY favorite uncle.

This is Ronald and Georgia and 2 of their 4 daughters. Jennifer & hubby Jason, and Carrie with darling baby ( whose name I have completely spaced). Oh yea, and me - just to prove I really was there.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

lets all laugh at doggie

poor doggie, when AJ isn't home to protect him we make him wear funny things so we can laugh at him. We took West with us when we went swimming at Sand Hollow the other day. My camera doesn't take the best video so you can't tell how hilarious it looked when he tried to walk while wearing a lifejacket. He had to do this wierd side-to-side hop waddle thing.

Then we got him in the water...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dinner Theatre

This is what happens at dinner when Rob isn't home. (y'all know what happens when he IS home) Halle was thrilling us with her interpretation of choking to death.. where she learned it, I have no idea. And of course, as soon as I turned on the camera she wouldn't do it with out coaching.... so it looks planned but reallly this was taken after she had been doing it non stop for 1o minutes. I try to be firm and tell the kids to stop acting wierd at the table, but really...I cant help but laugh and then my kids dont take me seriously. I cant win.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I am not really sure what this says about my rad parenting skills or about Halle.... does this mean that she is just proving to be a 'Schramm' or is it more that I suck and dont pay attention? hmmmm not sure. One thing is for sure: we are the winners for most random/freak reasons to need urgent care and staples in the head. Here are some that I can remember right now... Garrett ran into a doorknob and gashed his head open. Tait tipped backwards on his bigwheel into the grass and hit the only pointy rock for miles around...big hole. Garrett climbing a tree hit his head on what was trying to be a new branch... big hole. Garrett and tait fighting-taits head hit dresser corner. Garrett slipped on a toy and hit his head on the stair railing. I know there are many more because one year ( when tait and garrett were 2 & 3) we visited the ER 15 times! AWESOME! And we have been many times since. I am on DFAS's watch list. So anyway, yesterday halle got into the car and I turned to get bags out of the cart and the next thing I knew she was screaming on the ground next to the grocery cart. *sigh* I think she hit the cart somehow. Heads sure bleed alot. I couldnt really tell how big the cut was because the entire back of her hair was red and gross... notice the dribble down the shirt. So since we were on the way to a dr. appt anyway... we just drove a little faster. After they cleaned her up she only needed one staple, but the hole was pretty deep. I for one am grateful for staples.... less pain than stitches and no need to shave the head around the wound. yeah!

May...the recap.

I am not very good about posting often so I thought I'd give you a quick review of the busy May that we had: Halle learned to make this beautiful new face. She calls it "rude".
Sarah went to her end of year 9th grade "black & white" dance. It was all very official and fancy except for the fact that she and her bff "kennys" (kennedy) ruined the look by wearing converse.
We always love going to the LeBaron's house... who wouldn't? they have a bowling ally in their basement, a full size tennis court, two huge pirate ships in the backyard that you can have water cannon fights on, not to mention the trampoline surrounded by 5 or 6 gym/wrestling mats. The newest attraction is sumo wrestling. It was pretty funny to watch and the boys had a blast... chad hasnt finished the adult suits so it was just the kids... for now. The Buhler's were there too so there was total of 18 kids running around... very loud and crazy.

Tanner graduated from 6th grade. Can you believe he will be going to jr. high? yikes. He wants everyone to know that he still hates girls. so no need to worry there, I guess.
That' about it. Maybe I will post more often.... but probably not.


This week the weather has been sooo nice (between 65 and 75) so today we took advantage of the nice cool air and went to the zoo! We usually end up going in July when it is 99 degrees and it is miserable and smelly. But today it was great... only 71 and overcast. Also, instead of panting and sweating and looking half dead, most of the animals were out and about. This was Halle's first time at the zoo and she thought it was pretty cool. The best was when she called the zebras "Marty"!

Monday, June 1, 2009

happy birfday stupot

papa-san we love yoooooou!

Hey! Hey! Dats my birfday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

schramm 6th edition...

mid December.... just in time for another tax deduction....*sigh*

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I dreamed a dream...

this is too sweet not to share!


Around 2 this morning I could swear that I heard the snowplow..... I thought I must be having a bad dream.....

This is what we woke up to today..... about 8+ inches of snow!!! My poor kids thought this was spring break. Yesterday and Tuesday we had alot of rain that turned into snow and a blizzard at about noon, but late yesterday evening it looked to be mostly melting, so this is rather disappointing. I guess we will have to pack up and move south!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happenings

This was a rather slow Easter . . . . hardly anyone was here! Adam took off to Moab with an old mish buddy, AJ of course, ran off to Alaska so he could make a genuine beaver hat, Ang & Tye went to a wedding with Tyes family, Josh & Lauren had company . . . . and it wasn't the greatest weather. So because of the weather, the picnic was scheduled at grandmas. Dad & I were loners, there was Linda & Gert, Louise & Bill + Britta & Kasey and his brother and family were there. Britta did an egg hunt and fish pond for the kids, but other than that . . . we were pretty boring. Dad and I walked through the Arts Fair with Berlyn and then the singing brother and sisters plus spouses andGrandma went to 'upchuckarama' courtesy of Janice Rogers. But we missed the 'outing' and all our kids and grandkiddles.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We finally got our pictures from the Schramm Christmas party! (whoa, its april)
I will get some others posted soon but this is to funny to pass up. Garrett is always posing rappper style or doing air guitar... And these are perfect examples!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Elder Spendloves 1st Baptism

This is the Stewart family that Aaron and Pres. Wilkinson have been teaching. They decided to get baptized the night before AJ left and asked him to do the baptism. The little guy is Nathan and the older boy is (Stephen) Junior, and he does a great job looking after his little brother while their dad works.

Their dads name is Stephen, and he's just waiting to lick his cig problem.
*Please note AJ's sexy white jumpsuit, and when writing to him, express how great he looks in it. I know he'll appreciate it.