Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just me and my mom . . .

y Mom and I went to see her brother Ronald
in Washington the 13th - 19th of July.
oi vey (?), what a long drive! We stopped in
Idaho and stayed the 1st night with my old
roomie, Peggy, then arrived at uncle Rons
Tues. evening.
While there, we went to see Moms Aunt Sue
and her son Lewie Maudsley.

This lovely 2 hr. drive did me in and by screeching to an abrupt stop, I was able to take a much closer look at the beautiful flora and fauna and even left the critters a surprise! I am now my uncles favorite niece
because I DIDN'T decorate his car.
We had a great visit and I got to see my cousins that I haven't seen since they were probably 10 and 6. The country is absolutely beautiful - if you don't mind being totally lost all the time. Which I was, being directionally dysfunctional, but with the help of hand drawn maps and lots of phone calls ( thank heavens for cell phones) we were able to return home with only a few minor snafus!
When Adam was little, he heard my uncle do his duck talk, so with any luck, the video will work and you will see the 'original' but uncooperative talking duck.
hummm, guess not! maybe tomorrow.

Washington Trip with Mom

hummmm, obviously I don't seem to know how to load these in the order I had intended . . . . so I'll try to identify this scrambled mess.
Grandma Adams ( me mama) and I headed to Washington State to visit her favorite brother. oppps, did I say that? Maybe I meant MY favorite uncle.

This is Ronald and Georgia and 2 of their 4 daughters. Jennifer & hubby Jason, and Carrie with darling baby ( whose name I have completely spaced). Oh yea, and me - just to prove I really was there.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

lets all laugh at doggie

poor doggie, when AJ isn't home to protect him we make him wear funny things so we can laugh at him. We took West with us when we went swimming at Sand Hollow the other day. My camera doesn't take the best video so you can't tell how hilarious it looked when he tried to walk while wearing a lifejacket. He had to do this wierd side-to-side hop waddle thing.

Then we got him in the water...