Friday, November 5, 2010

the boys worked together and made this bloody dead guy coming out of the ground it was pretty cool but i never got a picture of the final results :(
Tait as Frank
Garrett is a donut : he made the costume himself-pretty clever
Sarah and Tanner were camera shy this year.

treeker treeker

"treeker treeker" is what Halle said at every door... no matter how many times i told her it was "trick or treat"
halle the lion
Tess as Maggie
Marge & Homer ( this photo really doesnt do it justice, I'm sure it was much cuter in the dark)

birthday highlights

Tanner turns 13!
Sarah turns 16! (notice the crown: she wore it all day)
Jaci turns the awesome age of 36!
This is the gift that garrett made me: It's me made out of clay...I think I am nude.
3 cuties


This fall Tait and Garrett played soccer they had a blast and it was so nice that they were on the same team so didn't have to choose whose game to watch.
Tess is enjoying her breakfast and the soccer game.

Tait (white shirt) look how long and gangely his legs are!
Garrett (far right). coach couldn't believe Garrett hadn't ever played before and said he should play competition soccer!
Tait and Garrett made a great team (that's them in the front)

it's been a while!!

we haven't posted in a lonnnnggg time so here are a few posts with photos so you can all see what you have been missing!! we had a sweet 24th of july neighborhood parade (halle was the princess and we won best float), went to the zoo and bingham copper mine.

large hole in the ground

hogle zoo