Monday, March 31, 2008


As you probably heard, there was a teensy little overflow of the Meramec River on Easter weekend. Well maybe not "teensy" exactly, it seemed pretty huge when we looked at it. You can't be sure though because the local news is not to be trusted. They have a flair for over-dramatizing the most mundane events, so when they labled it "The Great Flood of 2008" you know there is room for speculation.
We went to the river to walk around and gawk at the carnage and it was like a big party. Everyone taking pictures and walking their dogs. We looked over the bridge and in the middle of the river there was a tiny island of debris that had accumulated and on top was a little tiny terrified bunny. I felt bad for that little guy and considered mounting an elaborate rescue operation. As you know, I'm ultra-passionate about making a difference in this cruel, cruel world. But then I remembered that bunnies die all the time from natural disasters and that's just the cycle of life. Plus it was windy and I was hungry. So I left.

So here's a little map I made to show you where the river flooding was in relation to our house. The Blue Dots are our current & former apartments and the blue blob under that is approximately where the Meramec flooded. Actually it flooded a lot more up-stream and down-stream from the blue blob but I don't know about that since I am only concerned with ME, ME, MEEEEeeeee!

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I forgot my camera, so I had to rip some pics off from the internet. These pictures were taken about 2 miles from our place, at the freeway on-ramp & underpass.

This is a diesel truck that was in the same intersection of I-44 and Highway 141. The water was up to the mirrors.

Same truck, from an aerial view...

More and better pictures here.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Crazy boy!

These are just some funny pictures of Whit. Things that he does everyday that make me laugh. Well these first he couldn't really help, but I think its fun.

He is just my little monkey that loves jumpin' on the bed.

There is this little spot at the end of my kitchen just under the window that he has made his favorite little spot to sit I guess. He took his milk and baggy of snacks over and just sat there for about 15 minutes. It was so cute. I love it when He does things like that.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please send Prayers, Ambien and Zoloft

Yay, it's fun to see new posts and pictures. Makes me miss everyone though!

Well, here's an update from the Williams front. Tye is NOT doing good. He is just one big ball of tension and worry, total anxiety-ridden insomniac. In the past week he has probably slept a total of about 12 hours. not kidding.

He has Part 3 National Boards this weekend and Part 4 next month. Normally he would spend about a month doing nothing but studying for one Part but these happen to fall right in the middle of the term with only a few weeks in between them. His only option would be to put them off until November but that would cost an additional $1,000 and we would probably have to stay in St. Louis so we obviously want to avoid that unless absolutely necessary.
We might have to stay in St. Louis an extra Trimester anyway, depending on if he can keep his grades in the passing zone, but in one class that's not looking very likely. So he is trying to keep up with classes, clinic and studying for boards all at the same time, not to mention being worried about what is going on with his dad.

After 8 months of chemo and radiation, Tye's dad finished his FINAL round of radiation on Thursday and was SO excited to be on the road to recovery. That excitement was extremely short-lived as on Sunday night he had a seizure. When they took him in they found more cancer, this time in his brain. More appointments and more tests are scheduled but the outlook is not good.
Please keep Tye in your prayers and if you happen to have loads of extra anti-depressants and sleep medication lying around he could use that too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here's ukulele boy sportin' his rad shades and doffin a smile.
He and Vaugh seem to like risking their lives on dark roads on
steep hills. Something about not how many breaths you breathe,
but how many you can take before being run over by a truck!

This is your talented brother doing some amazing aerial feats on his longboard. His friend Vaugh is the photographer and in one of the pictures with him.

AJ was demonstrating his handstands at Josh's house Sunday night and I worried he was going to put his feet through a wall. But Berlyn thinks 'JJ' is the bomb. She kept feeding him cookies, and crackers, water, and more cookies and granola bars, . . . and he just kept eating them.


I know that I shouldnt swear but this kid is Damn Cute.
Now she walks and jabbers (mostly just "hi-ya"). She can go up the stairs a hundred times but don't even think about getting her near the top step on the way down! she won't have anything to do with "going down the stairs lessons" She loves to "re-organize" the bookshelves and kitchen drawers... she is always walking around with a spatula, a wire wisk or the pizza cutter. she loves to take all of the clothes out of her drawer and put them in the toy box... ooo what fun! and then sometimes just to be different she will put all of her toys in the clothes drawer.She also loves to put daddy's shoes in the dishwasher and put the dishes in the garbage...who knows how many I threw away before realizing this! (we try never to open the dishwasher when she is around now) She loves to bring people stuff and say "herego" yesterday while my friend was here she brought her about 15 toys, all in different trips. She is pretty funny. She walks around wrinkling her nose, showing her teeth and breathing in and out of her mouth really fast. It's weird, but then mom told me that I used to do that too. go figure.
It is so fun having a 1 year old around here again... its my favorite age and I guess I was missing it. I hope Lauren and Marci are enjoying the boys just as much!


need I say more?!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Potty father, like....daughter?

And so it begins! I have successfully passed the dominant male Spendlove gene on to my daughter! Couldn't stop laughing when Lauren told me to "come and see what Berlyn's doing." It's a beautiful thing, I'm so proud...a third generation "eternal shitter" and female to boot! Hey, if you're gonna teach 'em, might as well teach 'em right!