Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Congrats to Berlyn for a successful completion of her first swimming lessons. Today was her last session for the past 3 weeks and she did great. She was actually the most advanced of all the little kids in the class. When she turns 3 she can move up to level 1 and have private lessons with just the instructor vs have Josh or I there to accompany. Although, she usually preferred the instructor over Josh or I and would actually 'listen' to her....ummmmm surprise surprise!! :) As her reward, she was given a certificate and a fruit snack for a treat. wooohooo don't over do it huh?! :)Berlyn is still a little hesitant to jump in. She will pull your arms up closer and closer so that she basically just gets carried in vs jumping.

Today Dresden got to have his own little private lesson from his dad. He is a little fish and loves to jump in (completely opposite from his sister), go under water, kick his feet, and float on his back ....and be tossed high in the air by his dad.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


The neighbors should all thank me for getting Moshi fixed! At least he's not the cause of this cat explosion. So let me try and explain our feline genealogy. 1st we have Milkshake - who had 4 kittens; 2 of which we didn't get around to getting rid of. bad move. Their names are Lillyand Winks. (actually the black was lil'la winks, but I couldn't come up with a name for the white one , thus they share a name) Here you see them draining my plant dry again. They are now about 9 months of age.
Then that slut Milkshake popped out with these little darlings. Judi snagged the white one , Jaci said Garrett could have the black one (thank YOU Rob, you are not as hard hearted as you would like us to think). The orange one is going in the paper. anyone? anyone?

Now back to the 1st litter. Winks (black) bestowed on us 3 ugly little gray rodents, but 1 died. Darn! Then a week later, Lilly snuck in one little white one; who also died. sniff sniff. I tried switching mothers and then kittens to get the little white one to live, but it just wasn't meant to be.
If you look carefully you will notice Lilly tending Winks 2 little rats, and her own. Some times they actually all share the box. Now that Lilly is childless, she still nurtures the rats. It's a healing process I think. If all goes well, Ryan Robisons wife Josie is going to take the 2 rats when they are old enough. By that time, hopefully Lilly will also have a new home, Milkshake will be barren, and winks . . . . considering how much she use to like to sleep in the wheel of a car, there is a possibility that they might still attract each other. right? Okay, so she can either go home with Whit or go to the pound.

If that isn't enough critters for one family, AJ proudly produced West, a darling puppy. He can out poop and out chew all the cats together. So to save myself a small dram of sanity, I came up with a little pollution control. It didn't work quite as well as I had hoped. Next time you are wondering how it's going at moms house, you'll know: it's the s... pitts!

Horsin' around

Garrett, West and Grammy went to one of the new water parks to play. West was pretty lazy and just wanted to hide under the benches, in fact he didn't take it very well when he was forced into the water to cool off. tooo bad! He liked Garretts lap better than the towel on the ride home. Garrett helped me water and weed and then we picked some onions and peas. yummmie. Hopefully the squash will be big enough by Sunday for dinner.
Saturday Uncle Josh took us to ride horses. We even got to feed them, but they acted like they really wanted to taste our fingers . . . so we decided to just fill up their trough. Dresden and Berlyn weren't real excited about the idea at 1st, but soon Dres didn't want to get off. Berlyn . . . guess she'll have to wait a while to become a real cowgirl.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Coming to visit you!

Hi I am coming to see you! Sorry my dad is not coming though. Just me and Mom! I can't wait.
We are flying into SLC on the 19th and I was thinking to come down to St. George maybe the next week. Is that okay?