Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Spendlove Family Blog

Hey peeps,
I created this blog for us so we have a central place to share stories, post pictures, stay in touch or whatever you want. If your kids did or said something cute or funny today, write a quick recap. If you want to show off what you got for Christmas, post a few pictures. If you have a video of you doing a totally kick-ass trick on your skateboard (AJ) post it. This is for all of us so don't be scared and don't be shy!


Mother Teresa said...

yeah right this is e-z ! ask Jaci how easy it was.

schrammfam said...

mom needs bloggers for dummies

nauner said...

what the Hell! Mom can figure it out but I cant even figure out how to add a friggin pic! Maybe I need Bloggers for Retards.