Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I just read this book. It took about 20 minutes (or less) but its really cute, plus its written in a unique way. I am into kid books I guess. Not so much picture books but the novels.

I thought you might like it. One of those feel good books.

If you have any other book suggestions I would appreciate them. I never know where to look at the library because I dont know what would be good.


schmangie said...

that book looks really awesome, i think i'll order it. they have it for a dollar on amazon. the author, sharon creech, is the same that wrote "walk two moons"--did you read that one? It is totally great, 3 stories in one. And i've heard that another book she wrote called "ruby holler" is also really good.
a couple other books you'll find in the teen section of the library are "twilight" by stephanie meyer- an entertaining mix of romance and vampires written by a member of the church (but doesn't have mormons in any of the starring roles)
and the other is "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak. Read this one outloud with Rob; you will both LOVE it-i promise. I cannot recommend this book too highly. If you don't love it, you're retarded.
jaci, you should join a book club--i just got into one about 3 months ago and it is one of the most awesome things ever. I look forward to it so much--and i think you would love it too. i can give you details if you're interested.

Jaci said...

so I have already read TWILIGHT and the 2nd one: NEW MOON. yikes. I blew through those 2! I understand from the girls around here that there is a book 3 coming soon. have you read NEW MOON? I would like to talk about that if you have. so about your book club... is it a bunch of tight wad women drinking tea and wearing pants with knee-high nylons and pointy black flats? sounds super boring. our relief society has a book club going for one of the interest groups but one of the books was called MAMA CHANGES HER MIND and that made me think that they were going to read gay books for old people. plus the only ladies in it are old. what is yours like? what do you talk about? is it like mrs wenzel telling me how LORD OF THE FLIES was a story about Jesus? I was super confused by that book and even more so when she said that! so now I would kind of like to go back and read it. maybe I would understand it. sometimes I want to pretend that I am smart and want to read intellectual books, but mostly I just want to be entertained. that sounds dumb huh? it's like tv... I want to be able to let my mind wander and still know whats going on.
thanks for the recommendation of THE BOOK THIEF. I have never heard of it. I hope I am NOT retarded. (although after that last comment I dont have much hope...) I would love it if you wanted to recommend more. plus tell me about your club.
remember when you recommended NAKED? yeah that was a riot, then I read ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY and laughed some more.

schmangie said...

i was at Barnes & Noble yesterday and read "Love that Dog" it was so cute and sweet. i haven't yet read the 2nd book to twilight--you liked? I listened to twilight on CD while painting my living room.
So my book club is made up of almost all young moms--we eat yummy food and socialize and discuss the book. we all make suggestions about books we are interested in reading--some are entertaining fluff, some are more deep-- then we vote on what to read and create a schedule for the next 6-9 months.
Most of the girls in my club are members of the church but it is NOT an LDS club--which means that you don't have to get the book approved by anyone and you don't have to chuck it out if it has some :inappropriate" stuff in it. We just go by the rule--if it offends you, don't read it but come to book club anyway to discuss what/why you felt that way.
You have to find a club that suits you-people you think you can relate to and get along with pretty good--or start one of your own if you have friends that like to read. A few times the girls in the club have brought along their moms which is cool--just another perspective to think about.
I have too much to say about this topic, so i'll call or email you.