Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My camera is awesome

It was a foggy day yesterday morning (which I love) so I wandered around my apartment and took some pictures. And Damn. Some are pretty cool. Imagine how cool they will be when I actually learn to use the thing without wiggling or on any other setting besides "Auto". Click on these to enlarge, they are much more impressive when you can see them a little better.


Mother Teresa said...

when you enlarge the top one, it looks like it's the staging for a scary ghost story. da dump,...da dump. da duh dahuh da duh dahuh. i love the red berry one, the fuzzy coating of frost on the end of the branch is 'cooool'. try macro next time you do that extra close up stuff, it helps.

Mother Teresa said...

whoops, i meant the 3rd and 5th ones. ( i forgot to scroll up all the way) I love the water droplets off the pine tree needles too. and the ice on the tree branch.nice

tangerine said...

Ya, that berry one is cool, but not very crisp. I've been trying to figure out the Macro setting, I need some intensive study of the manual.
mom, did you get the sewing machine pics I emailed you?