Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Time fun is here

Berlyn has started to really love the "jumpy jump" lately and getting pretty good. And- as shown in this problem giving mom a quick "cheese".
Dres loves to "wee" (as he calls it). Always seems to keep him busy and happy.
Little bath time buddies....they love their tub time.
The proof has arrived!!! The beast that has been living inside Dres has finally pulled through. Too bad it's only the first one of the molars. He turns into oonne unhappy kid when he's teething. Even Grammy and Papa have been so privileged to experienced the beastly behavior lately! :) Good thing he also has such a cute side to make up for it!

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Mother Teresa said...

yeah, and guess what? those teeth are sharp, as we have all discovered. so how come he never chews his fruit snacks, he just swallows THEM (always 2 or more)down.