Saturday, August 9, 2008

Aaron was ordained an Elder on July 20th.

Here he is with Adam and Josh . Then Grandma Spendlove. Then with Dad and Bill Nield.
Adan had to leave to do the electronics for a fireside so I didn't get him in on the pic with Dad. Mighty fine lookin' boys. Too bad Jake wasn't in the picture too. Or the girls . . . or their mother.


Mother Teresa said...

oh yeah, would you like to comment on the correct GQ tie length ? . . . . we have a debate going on here as to who is wearing their tie at the correct length. I think AJ's is about right but the others are short. But then again, if he wore is pants up where they belonged . . . it would be too long. what say you - anyone, anyone?

angerine said...

I think AJ's is about right too, although the only for sure way to know is to google pictures of Justin Timberlake (which I just did) and then copy whatever he does. JT's ties are a teeny bit longer than AJ's (more like Bill Nield) and MUCH skinnier!!

Jake&marci said...

I think its supposed to end within the length of the belt buckle, but we always said if it touches the schlong its way too long.