Monday, November 3, 2008

Happity Halloweenie

All of the not-so-spooky-spooks from the Schramm house of horrors.
pretty much the scariest thing was Tanner (not pictured, of course, because cameras steal your soul) he was "guy who got stabbed by pencil" which consisted of a pencil sticking out of his shirt and blood (ketchup) dripping down the front and back of the wounds. Just use your imagination.
Sarah was????? just make up a weird name and that was her. The rest are pretty obvious. Hope you all had a fun Hallllllooooooweeeeennnnnn. This year we let the kids choose, draw and cut theirown pumpkins so we had a few "cyclops" pumpkins and a very cool one covered in warts.


Mother Teresa said...

I vote for MR. Warts and Jack in the pumkin race ( i forgot to carve mine) . . . . and I lovvvve men in uniforms - wheather they are flyin'over or mowin' em over. Tell Sarah that we'll have to work on a REAL costume for next year.

Mother Teresa said...

whooops, and Halle is darling. Tanner probably was too , right?