Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Happenings

This was a rather slow Easter . . . . hardly anyone was here! Adam took off to Moab with an old mish buddy, AJ of course, ran off to Alaska so he could make a genuine beaver hat, Ang & Tye went to a wedding with Tyes family, Josh & Lauren had company . . . . and it wasn't the greatest weather. So because of the weather, the picnic was scheduled at grandmas. Dad & I were loners, there was Linda & Gert, Louise & Bill + Britta & Kasey and his brother and family were there. Britta did an egg hunt and fish pond for the kids, but other than that . . . we were pretty boring. Dad and I walked through the Arts Fair with Berlyn and then the singing brother and sisters plus spouses andGrandma went to 'upchuckarama' courtesy of Janice Rogers. But we missed the 'outing' and all our kids and grandkiddles.

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