Sunday, August 2, 2009

lets all laugh at doggie

poor doggie, when AJ isn't home to protect him we make him wear funny things so we can laugh at him. We took West with us when we went swimming at Sand Hollow the other day. My camera doesn't take the best video so you can't tell how hilarious it looked when he tried to walk while wearing a lifejacket. He had to do this wierd side-to-side hop waddle thing.

Then we got him in the water...


Mother Teresa said...

If you guys aren't careful, you're gonna drown that dog! Oooohh wait! I've considered that myself a few times. Like when he ate the top layer of the little pool off. What you've done, is give me a way to do it but make it seem like it was intended as FUN!. good job!

Jaci said...

thats super funny. thanks for sharing. actually it might be the first time i have laughed this week. poor me