Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fashion Inspiration for Sarah...or for Halloween Costumes

Best. Fashion Show. Ever.

STYLING! I piddy da foo that would wear Gloria Vanderbilt! There are so many sweet lines in this video, I want to memorize the whole thing.

"Hey, everybody gotta wear clothes. And if you don't, choo get arrested."
How many belts do you need "...for that exciting walk to the grocery store." ??
"mustard socks and a ketchup sash!" "She's a real hotdog!" wtf.
Watch out for Jeff the break dancing Amish gangsta. "Stay cool, Jeff!" see now that implies that he's already cool.
That bitch Athena is a living United Nations. Thank you, Athena!

What's your favorite line?


Mother Teresa said...

I wanna no who bee the 'Horhey' of hair fashions in dish heer vid! I think aunt Deb was 1st in line yesterday, cuz her hair is lookin a lot of Martas, sort of a mulet. Maybe I can get her a headband.

Mother Teresa said...

aaahhhh, I meant 'a lot LIKE Martas', plus i forgot to vote. I voted for here comes Janene lookin' "cool as a peppermint ice cream." I mean, how cool is that Jeff?

Jaci said...

there are no words for the feelings I have now that I have seen that. maybe I will just echo WTF?!!
my fav line: "perfect for stopping traffic and starting who knows what"
who the hell would jog in that crap?
also, I remember wishing I could be "janine" way back when. man, she dresses rad.

tangerine said...

I think T's got a bit of a crush on Manny.
"All the breaks been going well for Manny. He's wearing the B-Boy look: B for Breakin' and Boy do that look tough." **Mr. T's finger-point of approval** (Manny gets the prison shivers).