Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Next Week Weather Forecast

Not promising this won't change by noon today, but at least maybe you can get a general idea of what to bring.


Jaci said...

the weather looks great!
doesnt even look like we really need a jacket.... may be a poncho.

Jaci said...

ang... i thought you might like to see this...
How do I post a video to my blog?
If you already have a video on your computer, you can upload it to your blog as follows:

Click the film strip icon on the post editor toolbar.
In the popup window, click "Browse" to find the video on your computer.
Enter a title for your video.
Agree to the Terms and Conditions (if this is your first video upload).
Click "Upload Video

tangerine said...

Jaci, it depends--is it a video that you took on your own camera or is it one from the internet (like YouTube or something)?

Jake&marci said...

Ya the weather does look good. It is warm when its rainy, then gets cooler when Its sunny.. thats funny.

tangerine said...

not to be a crazy-psycho-beeotch, but jaci or mom, will you look for my mask behind/around/under the bed at the lodge?

Mother Teresa said...

GOT IT ! It's on a pile that is ready to bring. And i'll be glad to bring it for a mere hug . . . or 7.

Josh&Lauren said...

That looks great. Also, so that you can reach me on Monday my new cell number is 702-883-9087. I think all I have for cell numbers in my phone (Josh my have everyones) is moms. So we'll be in touch for when Dres and I come in. Everyone travel safe and see you Monday! :)