Friday, November 16, 2007

okay, so these are in the wrong order. I can never seem to get them right, and I already lost 3 pictures . so this is it!
I considered showing some of the other pretty trees, but... ppshaw! who cares. now, I'll probably get to decorate the store tree ( which is ugly) and maybe in late December I' ll feel like doing ours.


tangerine said...

oooooOOOOOOooohhh, purty.
is this your favorite tree you've ever done?

Jaci said...

are those some kind of feathers coming out of the top?
I think it might me better in person.
are those angels made out of rags? like those muslin dolls we used to make? I cant really tell.
I guess I am just all Bah humbuggish
oh well. at least its not poinsettias.
did you win?

Mother Teresa said...

I have no idea if we won an award. No it's not my favorite. the bottom of the angels are tassels,with ribbon. 'I' think it's better in person, but then . . . what do i know. and thank heavens there are no poinsettias.....e-yuck. No one I LIKE ever goes/comes to see it. One year I took my mom and she was not impressed,( "yeah, ..... it's nice") in fact she barely looked at it and then she said, "ohhhh, I love this one" and moved on to another tree. so okay, it's a good thing everybody doesn't like the same thing.THAT would be boring.