Sunday, November 18, 2007

peek a boo

Halle plays peek a boo the wrong way... she laughs while she's hidden, not when we say boo!
so funny. sorry that my voice is so loud... it makes it hard to hear her cute giggle.


Mother Teresa said...

"such a cute baby!" quote from Dad. now i just need a picture of Dresden & Whit walking. is Halle trying to walk yet? I'm pretty sure that we must have the cutest grandbabies in the world.

Jaci said...

halle is a bit slow on the walking front. she stands up alot on her own. but she doesnt walk along the furniture or even walk along with you if you hold her fingers... if you try then her upper body goes forward but her toes curl under and drag behind her. its pathetic.

tangerine said...

i wonder if this means she is dislexic. she is so stinkin cute i can hardly stand it!