Monday, March 31, 2008


As you probably heard, there was a teensy little overflow of the Meramec River on Easter weekend. Well maybe not "teensy" exactly, it seemed pretty huge when we looked at it. You can't be sure though because the local news is not to be trusted. They have a flair for over-dramatizing the most mundane events, so when they labled it "The Great Flood of 2008" you know there is room for speculation.
We went to the river to walk around and gawk at the carnage and it was like a big party. Everyone taking pictures and walking their dogs. We looked over the bridge and in the middle of the river there was a tiny island of debris that had accumulated and on top was a little tiny terrified bunny. I felt bad for that little guy and considered mounting an elaborate rescue operation. As you know, I'm ultra-passionate about making a difference in this cruel, cruel world. But then I remembered that bunnies die all the time from natural disasters and that's just the cycle of life. Plus it was windy and I was hungry. So I left.

So here's a little map I made to show you where the river flooding was in relation to our house. The Blue Dots are our current & former apartments and the blue blob under that is approximately where the Meramec flooded. Actually it flooded a lot more up-stream and down-stream from the blue blob but I don't know about that since I am only concerned with ME, ME, MEEEEeeeee!

View Larger Map

I forgot my camera, so I had to rip some pics off from the internet. These pictures were taken about 2 miles from our place, at the freeway on-ramp & underpass.

This is a diesel truck that was in the same intersection of I-44 and Highway 141. The water was up to the mirrors.

Same truck, from an aerial view...

More and better pictures here.


Anonymous said...

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tangerine said...

shut up spammy spam spam

Jaci said...

everyone hates celulite. why would you want your name to be celulite? that just makes me want to hate you and cut you out with a knife.

Jaci said...

by the way, this post IS likeable, and this blog IS very interesting. so I will add you to MY blogroll (what ever that is) and yada yada.
Anywho. I like the pics and the map... especially the map. how long did that take you? I would have just made a drawing in "paint". I am glad you were saved from the flood. Did you have any "end of days" picketers? or dudes building arks? just wondering.
by the way how did you like 12 sharp?

tangerine said...

HaHa, I want to kill "the celulite" and suck her into a vacuum and put her into a pile of hazardous waste.
the map took about 10 seconds using Google maps (My Maps feature).
12 Sharp was hilarious but it expired before I could finish it...please send it to me in non-expire-able format.

Mother Teresa said...

I feel soooo out of it! who is celulite? and what is it? does it look anything like cottage cheese or reallly sour milk? oh yeah, and what is 12 sharp?
so,was that truck crossing before and during the flood, or after? maybe if we would have had sugar on a leash (like lady) she wouldn't have JUMPED in the river when we went to look at the flooding. dumb dog couldn't get out cuz she was swimming up stream, so i had to run downstream to coax her out. daaaaa.
oh btw, did we go over a river when we were coming and going when at your place? not too absorbant huh? and i'm also happy that you didn't wash down river cus you might have ended up in Lost Creek without a paddle or in a Nut Bush. you gotta watch out for those kind of things.

Mother Teresa said...

i checked out the d.a. celulite 's site and it's all in @%_#!!* spanish!what's with that? and i don't want to be added into their blogroll, scumbags. and NO, i don't get testy about people who can't speak english.
hummmm -I wonder if i got too much sun today.

Jaci said...

poor mommy. i am scared for you. please stay out of the sun and stop going on rampages.
just a word of advice.

Jake&marci said...

WoW, Anyway I would have been so scared if it flooded like that here. I'm glad you are okay.