Saturday, June 7, 2008

Horsin' around

Garrett, West and Grammy went to one of the new water parks to play. West was pretty lazy and just wanted to hide under the benches, in fact he didn't take it very well when he was forced into the water to cool off. tooo bad! He liked Garretts lap better than the towel on the ride home. Garrett helped me water and weed and then we picked some onions and peas. yummmie. Hopefully the squash will be big enough by Sunday for dinner.
Saturday Uncle Josh took us to ride horses. We even got to feed them, but they acted like they really wanted to taste our fingers . . . so we decided to just fill up their trough. Dresden and Berlyn weren't real excited about the idea at 1st, but soon Dres didn't want to get off. Berlyn . . . guess she'll have to wait a while to become a real cowgirl.


Jaci said...

sounds like Garrett is having alot more fun at your house than we are having at ours. it feels like late october here and we are wondering what happened to june.?!
by the way.... why is the dogs name west? that is just wierd.

angerine said...

Lauren, you're so skinny!! You look great!