Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Congrats to Berlyn for a successful completion of her first swimming lessons. Today was her last session for the past 3 weeks and she did great. She was actually the most advanced of all the little kids in the class. When she turns 3 she can move up to level 1 and have private lessons with just the instructor vs have Josh or I there to accompany. Although, she usually preferred the instructor over Josh or I and would actually 'listen' to her....ummmmm surprise surprise!! :) As her reward, she was given a certificate and a fruit snack for a treat. wooohooo don't over do it huh?! :)Berlyn is still a little hesitant to jump in. She will pull your arms up closer and closer so that she basically just gets carried in vs jumping.

Today Dresden got to have his own little private lesson from his dad. He is a little fish and loves to jump in (completely opposite from his sister), go under water, kick his feet, and float on his back ....and be tossed high in the air by his dad.


angerine said...

looks like you've got two natural-born swimmers on your hands--FUN!!

Marci*Jake said...

That looks so much fun. I did a little swim class with Whit too at our gym and he loves the water but he won't jump in like dres. He will sit on the side and kind of slide in.