Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Engineer's Guide to Cats

Very informative even if you're just a regular person, and not an engineer. Watch the whole thing. I challenge anyone of you to a Cat Yodeling Showdown. I bet Ninja could out-yodel Mooshi, Stripe, Milkshake, LillaWinks, or any of the rest of y'alls sorry excuse for cats.

SO, I haven't been online for like 6 weeks so I was all excited to get all caught up on everyone's news. BUT apparently you have all been as busy this summer as I have since this place is a barren wasteland. Good to know I'm not missing anything!


Mother Teresa said...

yeah well, bet I can provide more cat power than any of the rest of you! and I’m pretty sure Moshie can out ignore all yous'es cats put together. how is it that I use to be so good at getting rid of cats and lately even with the enticement of tuna behind the tires I can't get any to partake?

angerine said...

hahaha! Tuna behind the tires!! You are awesome.