Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Butt-day Jaci...or boob-day!

Ah yes, another birthday for Jaci- but lets all hope that even though she's a year older, she never grows up! You rock sis!


Mother Teresa said...

yes, happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. the mother of 5, yes 'five' of my wonderful grandchildren. and for her birthday I'm giving her . . . ahhhhh ..... tickets to les miz ! dooo deee doo dee do . . . . well i am.!

Jaci said...

what kind of person grabs her boozies in photos? do I do this in all photos? holy cow, thank you for capturing my essence. at least you cant photograph farting.

Jaci said...

should have called it happy chin day.
why the hell do i have so many/
damn genetics