Thursday, October 9, 2008

just in case anyone forgot about the magnitude of Jake's awesomeness

Jake was coated by Dr Sachno one of the attendings over his clinic group practice.

Jake was then hugged by his booty-liscious wifey.


Mother Teresa said...

hummmm, let me think who posted this one. LOOK at the nice hair cut. did bill cut that for you? and such a pretty white coat. it even has your name so you don't loose it. but what i really want to see now, is a pic of you in your scrubs. i hear they are very manly. puleeeeeesse.
okay, for reals - you look studly ! I'm really proud of you. I love and miss you, and marse and whit. way to go.

Josh and Lauren said...

Dude! I think mom was totally just bustin' your hair cut! OUCH, that's gotta hurt...but don't worry, Angie told said mom has MEDUSA hair the other night!