Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ever played "Chubby Bunny"?

I guess we wont need any karo syrup to put pink bows on her

Finally going home!

Whit just had to play in the cool hospital bed.

He also decided to help himself to mommy's cup of ice

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Mother Teresa said...

She is darling ! I went back and pulled up a picture of Whit fresh from the hospital to see if I'd just forgotten that he had hair; but no.
sooooo, Marci, did you have this baby in honor of AJ's mission? All that hair, combined with those cheeks . . . . does she also like to rub noses?
I wish I were there to rub noses with her. I think I'm jealous of grandma Karen, but I'm glad she could be there to help. send more pictures!!!! The one of Whit on the bed is extra cute too. We love you all.