Thursday, January 8, 2009

Washington county whimps

I was laughing when I read that Washington county closed school because of the snow storm. My yard currently has about 2 feet of snow- the last foot came just this week the other had been here a while. The only rule our school has is that if the temp is below 20 degrees then the kids can stay in from recess. So this week they got to miss recess on Monday but since Tuesday was a balmy 22 they had to go out and play! hahaha that is pretty damn cold... Anyway the roads are gross and slushy during the day and slippery and frozen at night and early morning. We are all tired of shoveling the walks. Our neighbor has a little tractor with a snow blade on the front so that helps with the driveway. Me..I am ready for the much longer?
2 weeks ago after a big snow we took the kids sledding at a park near Grandpa Schramm's house. It was really cold but really fun. I even caught Rob smiling, but Halle No-Likey the sledding. Here are some Pictures...


Mother Teresa said...

this looks like lots of fun, well, except for Tait's biff. oh, and where did the left shoe come from on the pic of Garrett? either he swiped someone elses shoe, he's sleds shoeless or his leg is very broken!
the really dumb thing about wash. co. closing school is that now they are saying that the kids are going to have to go on a sat. (in stead of making Christmas vac. a day shorter). we have such braineacks on the district level.

Marci*Jake said...

That snow sure does look fun. Whit would love to play in it. We don't get any of that out here. But I know Jake is glad he doesn't have to shovel.