Friday, June 8, 2007

Eye of the Tyegrrr

Time to do a little (ok, a LOT) of bragging about Tye. Besides being terribly charming and ferociously handsome, he is also-according to a doctor at his school-"incredible."

First of all, Tye has a reputation on campus for being the best adjuster and there are several professors/doctors that seek him out anytime they need an adjustment. Keep in mind that he hasn't even been in clinic yet--meaning he doesn't see patients. He has earned this reputation just from technique classes where he passes off stuff to a teacher.

So anyway, because of his reputation, there was a kid (we'll call him Bob) that requested for Tye to be his student clinician when he started in Clinic a couple weeks ago. Bob had been seeing a Dr. in the clinic for a few months due to some back pain (which had been diagnosed as a bulging disk) but he hadn't really been getting the results that he needed.

So the first day Bob comes in to see Tye, Tye goes over his charts, checks out the diagnosis and feels Bob's back. Tye then proceeds to tell Bob the diagnosis he recieved is wrong, the treatment he's been recieving is wrong, etc. etc. He tells Bob he doesn't have a bulging disk he has a strain. Bob is doubtful. Bulging Disk sounds more serious and Bob thinks that would justify the pain he is in. Tye calls in one of the supervising clinicians who then checks over Tye's new diagnosis and says (while Bob sits there listening), "Wow Tye, I'm amazed. Your diagnosis is right on. Go ahead and adjust." So Tye adjusts Bob and then the clinician says " Great adjustment, Tye. I'm very impressed.You're incredible." Then he plops down the clipboard and leaves. Tye is stoked. Bob is stoked. Bob is now totally on Tye's team, recommending his friends and family, etc. And everyone lived happily ever after.

One thing that didn't work out very "happily ever after" is that Tye got assigned to the St. Peters clinic. He is bummed about that because the clinic is a 40 minute drive and all of these recommendations and referrals he receiving are for local people and nobody in their right mind wants to drive 40 minutes and pay full-price for a student intern to adjust them. He has to have a certain number of 'new patients' and he has no idea how he's going to come up with that many people that are willing to drive clear to the next county just to see him.

One other thing that is new and exciting about Tye is his new calling as ward mission leader. When the bishop extended the calling he said, "Although this is not a bishopric calling, when looking for a Ward Mission Leader, I call someone that I would be comfortable calling to the bishopric. I believe it requires a person of that same calibre." I thought that was really awesome. It is a huge responsibility and requires a lot of time which is the one thing that Tye doesn't have enough of as it is, so he is feeling the pressure. But he is going to do great. The missionaries are working with some excellent contacts so that keeps it exciting.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you all know that even though we all knew that Tye is the best, everyone here in Missouri now knows it too.


Jake&Marci said...

Rock on Babylon....I mean rock high sweet-ass Tye!

Jaci said...

I dont really think that it is appropriate to say "sweet-ass" about a mission leader especially one as holy as tye. that is just blasphemy.
anyhow good job tye. I have always thought you were cool but all of my suspicions were confirmed when ang told me of your cooking, ironing and dancing skills... now this! wow and to think if I would have passed up the catch of the 90's, I could have had the catch of the 2000's. bummer.
(hardy har about the catch of the 90's bit)

Mother Teresa said...
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Mother Teresa said...

I can't believe that my children are always swearing! tisk tisk
I have a suggestion for Tye,.... start going to the ward in st. peters( does that make you catholic? Do you know the pope?) and let it be known what you do and how incredible you are. You could even part some holy water.It would also help if some of the students from school, who know of your awsomeness, knew someone in that ward & could spread the good news. Orrrr, I would be glad to take an ad out in the local newspaper or even post something in the S.P. ward newsletter.
oh btw, I guess you can't fix your spelling once you've posted, or it deletes it. what ever.