Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I think purple is the color of gay... if not at least it matches his outfit. Anyway, While Sarah was at girls camp the boys raided her closet. Tait was marching around the house in this getup laughing his head off and my little neighbor girl (lexi) says "man, I am hot" (clearly meaning that she was sweating, due to the coat and scarf she was wearing in the 85 degree weather) and Tait yells "well I am HOTTER!! (obviously thinking she meant to challenge his womanhood). I was totally cracking up and he wasn't sure why so he walked off in a huff and said "well, I do make a hideous cup of tea!" I am not quite sure why I have such weird kids. Do you think it was learned or were they born that way? hmmm.


Mother Teresa said...

When I first looked at this picture, I thought it was Tanner. I suspect that YOUR children learned it from you and your siblings, and possibly aunt Sandra.

schmangie said...

is making a hideous cup of tea a defense or an acknowledgement of his femininity? I love wierd kids, they're the most fun kind.