Friday, August 17, 2007


I might be a little late to the game on this one, but I just found out that they are making "Inkheart" into a movie!!! Anyone want to make a date with me to go see it? It is scheduled to open March 2008, I'm SO excited!! I think the casting might be a little wierd (not totally in love with the idea of Brendan Fraser as Silvertongue) but hopefully it will do the books justice. Here are some early screen shots of filming. I'm posting as many pictures as it takes to get those hideous red-heads off the front page of the blog...

Meggie & Mo


Farid & Meggie

Aunt Elinor

Capricorn's Castle

Silvertongue & Meggie

I can't wait!! I'm gonna start re-reading the series right now.

Oh, by the way here is Cornelia Funke's website. I found out that they already made "The Thief Lord" into a movie in German (i think) last Christmas. Might have to try to find that one on DVD.


Jaci said...

This is cool. I am excited too. I will race you through the books. But that means mom has to give me mine back!!! I was excited so I told Sarah and she was all "Oh I knew about that like 2 years ago." (well excuuuuuse me) hahaha. She was also the one who knew the days, hours and minutes of when the new Harry Potter book was coming out! What a nerd.

Mother Teresa said...

okay, I'm in! Where are we going to meet to view this movie? AND, if you find the thief lord movie, I want to see that too.
and what's the rush Jaci, you know it's NOT a problem to reread all of them at least once before march.
Of course I might have to neglect my 4th sunday lesson a little, or and possibly skimp on the bi-monthly activity days.