Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nap time!

This is just a sample of the 'napping' that goes on around here on Sundays. And YES, we still have our wonderful blue couch. One thing about it, as A.J. says, the cats can't hurt it by jumping around on it and the boys (& dad) using it to play velcro kitty.

The orange ones are Lewis and Clark, the black one is Lil'la Winks and the white one is still nameless. Suggestions anyone?


tangerine said...

hmmm, how exactly is this "velcro kitty" game played? sounds intriguing!
My vote for a name for the white fur ball is Punjab.
mom when you come in October you might have to smuggle me Lewis or Clark. And break me off an arm or foot rest from the couch and bring that too--I need a cat scratch post.
HA! roast.

Mother Teresa said...

some of my children are sooooo rude!

Josh&Lauren said...

Angie, dude you totally roasted mom on that one...UP TOP!

Jake&Marci said...

what about me? I need a kitty!
I guess grandpa doesn't miss the babies that much, he's got his own.