Friday, August 31, 2007

Little Birthday Girl

Here is the little Birthday Girl on her new stylin' Dream Dazzllers jeep. She thought it was pretty "coooool"! We took her to Chucky Cheese tonight where she had a ball. Dres was going crazy with excitment in the 4th pic...what a funny little kid! He was just excited for Berlyn and her new toy....haha!


tangerine said...
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tangerine said...

ooooo, you're never going to catch her now!
Berlyn is an exact carbon copy of Lauren in that 2nd picture!

Mother Teresa said...

waaaa. Berlyn is never going to be happy driving in the 'ole cozy coop' anymore. in fact, her yard sale rider won't be too exciting either. but hey, i still have kitties. THAT"S something she doesn't have, and just think . . . no batteries required.