Thursday, February 7, 2008

For Sarah--because Fashion is More Important than Science

Watch the slideshow. Beware the nipple on #53 and the hairy legs throughout.


Josh&Lauren said...
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Josh&Lauren said...

I watched just for the was that ever worth it! Am I the only one that thinks Betsey Johnson is gonna have some serious financial problems? How does she sell that SCHEISSE?!

Mother Teresa said...

get with it homer! as soon as we get a saks or a lords, i'm going to start shopping for all the little girls in the fam. betsey's opening a new line for 'infants to young girls'. and who can shave such skinny legs? that's why i refuse to go on a diet, . . . i'm just gonna get some of those crazy socks. oh yeah, my fav was 52, it's more me than the rest.