Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sarah's Science Skills

I thought that this was a perfect example of how sometimes Sarah just doesn't understand what's going on. She will answer a question with all of her brain power... the problem is that she didn't understand the question. This was a science assessment that she took today.
Question: Describe what happens to a human as it progresses through its life cycle. Be sure to list the stages and what happens during each stage of development.
Here is the book answer: the stages a human goes through-infancy, childhood, puberty, adolescence, adulthood. Growth is rapid in infancy and childhood, growth spurt just before puberty. puberty and adolescence marked by sexual maturity. during adulthood humans experience aging.
This is Sarah's awesome answer: humans start out as Babies where they are just developing teeth, hair and words. Next a Toddler where you know more like walking, eating on your own and speaking. At Kid stage you are going to school, making friends, learning even more. Then comes your Adolescence where you will go through puberty a stage that makes it possible for you to create human life. You will become smarter and more aware of things in life. Next is Adult. you will start making your own decisions, get married probably, find a home, get a job, and have kids the most important. Lastly your Oldness where you will have raised a family who have families of their own now and by now you should realize you have created a generation of your own.

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tangerine said...

By now I should realize that i should start a generation of my own...since I have achieved Oldness.