Sunday, February 17, 2008

hello all. I thought I'd give you a glimps of the cute &amp lively little girls that I work with on Sundays and 2 Tuesdays a month. The youngest is 9 the oldest will be 12 in August. They are L to R; Kayla (bishops daughter), Maaike, Sierra (Erica Allen), Haylee, Alexa (Kristy Barr), Ellie & Celise, (newly baptised and moving). There are 5 more; 2 have only come once and the other 3 only come on Tuesdays. They are good little girls and very silly. We might actually get through an activity on time if I could keep the dancing and twirling and piano playing to a minimun.
I guess that's all I have to add, my little boys are past the 'look mom, take a picture' mode. So unless you'd a home show tour . . .. this is it. ahhhhhckkk, this site hates me. oh well, i can't try and fix it again. soooo sorry.


Mother Teresa said...

arrrrgghh. the 2nd pic was supposed to be the 1st. which makes more sence when naming the girls. oh yeah, AJ said to tell Jake that Ellie (2nd from R) belongs to 'diastema'. guess what? that term is NOT in the dictionary, and not real e-z to find on-line either. He also wants to know why I don't just put pictures of him on instead of these dumb girls. so i say to him, 'do something'!

Jake&marci said...

what cute girls. Did he not tell you what it meant?

tangerine said...

Um Mom, you probably shouldn't go around saying words that the boys teach you (Remember the "queef" incident?) I don't know what diastema means either but if it came out of AJ's mouth, it can't be good.

tangerine said...

cute girls by the way. I think that would be a fun calling.

Josh&Lauren said...

hey about a little english can spell sense:
but not s-e-n-c-e!
btw, the first example is the correct one.

p.s. "where ya to?" is not a complete or correct sentence!

p.p.s. we still love you

Mother Teresa said...

Jake- yes I do.
Angie - I checked 1st.
Josh - pheewwwwww ! and next time you want a sitter you'd better kiss up if you have any sense, or since you are such a smart ass you are going to have to use all your cents to pay someone else. feel free to use the last one you stinker.:)
and don't correct my grammer cuz you aint got no smarts either.