Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Go Garrett!!

The library at school had a poetry contest and Garrett won for his grade. He got to read it in front of the school, his music teacher is making it into a song and he won a book... pretty cool.
Because you cant hear properly this is his poem:

Deep Dark Space
Is a Dangerous Place
In Space
There's a Place
Where Aliens Are
To get there, take a Rocket,
Not a Car


Josh&Lauren said...

Awesome Garrett! We need to take off that dumb song of moms post of pics so that we could hear him huh?! :) Looks like he did great...what an accomplishment!

angerine said...

Nice job, Garrett! I like that poem. Can't wait to hear the song version.

Mother Teresa said...

I told Garrett GREAT on this too, but for some reason it sent a copy to my email and didn't post it here. hummmm
and what song? Mr. T? I didn't do that, it weren't Me!