Thursday, May 8, 2008

one liners

more entries for the Academy's consideration:

Tye, when he saw me braiding my hair: "Don't! Why are you doing that to your hair!? It makes me want to take another wife."

Tye, watching that TV commercial where the amputee runs a marathon: "Oooh, that lady has nice leg."

Jaci, trying to think of the song Icky Thump, "What's that song called? Fuzzy Navel?"

(the following are paraphrased from Jaci's retelling)

Sarah at an appointment with the eye doctor:
Doctor: "You need to wear your glasses all the time so when you grow up to be a doctor you'll be able to read your books and see your patients"
Sarah, totally dead serious: "Well, I'm gonna be a rock star, so I don't think glasses really matter."

Sarah, talking about President Hinkley's 'Be's': "...Be Smart, Be Kind, Be Nevolent."

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Jaci said...

ow funny...rob wants another wife too. but not because I braid my hair.., its mostly to clean the house.