Tuesday, June 9, 2009

May...the recap.

I am not very good about posting often so I thought I'd give you a quick review of the busy May that we had: Halle learned to make this beautiful new face. She calls it "rude".
Sarah went to her end of year 9th grade "black & white" dance. It was all very official and fancy except for the fact that she and her bff "kennys" (kennedy) ruined the look by wearing converse.
We always love going to the LeBaron's house... who wouldn't? they have a bowling ally in their basement, a full size tennis court, two huge pirate ships in the backyard that you can have water cannon fights on, not to mention the trampoline surrounded by 5 or 6 gym/wrestling mats. The newest attraction is sumo wrestling. It was pretty funny to watch and the boys had a blast... chad hasnt finished the adult suits so it was just the kids... for now. The Buhler's were there too so there was total of 18 kids running around... very loud and crazy.

Tanner graduated from 6th grade. Can you believe he will be going to jr. high? yikes. He wants everyone to know that he still hates girls. so no need to worry there, I guess.
That' about it. Maybe I will post more often.... but probably not.


Jake*Marci said...

Halle looks so big, I love the cute face and her hair is beautiful and getting so long. I can't believe how fast time goes lately, they grow up so fast!

Jake*Marci said...

Sumo wrestling looks awesome too!