Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I am not really sure what this says about my rad parenting skills or about Halle.... does this mean that she is just proving to be a 'Schramm' or is it more that I suck and dont pay attention? hmmmm not sure. One thing is for sure: we are the winners for most random/freak reasons to need urgent care and staples in the head. Here are some that I can remember right now... Garrett ran into a doorknob and gashed his head open. Tait tipped backwards on his bigwheel into the grass and hit the only pointy rock for miles around...big hole. Garrett climbing a tree hit his head on what was trying to be a new branch... big hole. Garrett and tait fighting-taits head hit dresser corner. Garrett slipped on a toy and hit his head on the stair railing. I know there are many more because one year ( when tait and garrett were 2 & 3) we visited the ER 15 times! AWESOME! And we have been many times since. I am on DFAS's watch list. So anyway, yesterday halle got into the car and I turned to get bags out of the cart and the next thing I knew she was screaming on the ground next to the grocery cart. *sigh* I think she hit the cart somehow. Heads sure bleed alot. I couldnt really tell how big the cut was because the entire back of her hair was red and gross... notice the dribble down the shirt. So since we were on the way to a dr. appt anyway... we just drove a little faster. After they cleaned her up she only needed one staple, but the hole was pretty deep. I for one am grateful for staples.... less pain than stitches and no need to shave the head around the wound. yeah!


Jake*Marci said...
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Jake*Marci said...

Oh man, that makes me stomach turn, I don't think I could handle that. Whit only came close to something like that a few months ago when he toppled out of the grocery cart while I turned to grab a box of cereal, but there was no bleeding. Except I did cry over his teeth (check out my blog) I hate accidents like those!

angerine said...

don't forget the 5 hour trip to to ER a couple weeks ago when halle ate grandpa's blood pressure pills. she might give those boys a run for the money.