Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This week the weather has been sooo nice (between 65 and 75) so today we took advantage of the nice cool air and went to the zoo! We usually end up going in July when it is 99 degrees and it is miserable and smelly. But today it was great... only 71 and overcast. Also, instead of panting and sweating and looking half dead, most of the animals were out and about. This was Halle's first time at the zoo and she thought it was pretty cool. The best was when she called the zebras "Marty"!


angerine said...

haha this picture will mark the moment when we all realized Garrett is a homo.

Mother Teresa said...

HE NO HOMO, HE A HAM! How else can the kid get any attention . . . sandwiched in the middle with Tait and Halle constantly stealing the show.