Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please send Prayers, Ambien and Zoloft

Yay, it's fun to see new posts and pictures. Makes me miss everyone though!

Well, here's an update from the Williams front. Tye is NOT doing good. He is just one big ball of tension and worry, total anxiety-ridden insomniac. In the past week he has probably slept a total of about 12 hours. not kidding.

He has Part 3 National Boards this weekend and Part 4 next month. Normally he would spend about a month doing nothing but studying for one Part but these happen to fall right in the middle of the term with only a few weeks in between them. His only option would be to put them off until November but that would cost an additional $1,000 and we would probably have to stay in St. Louis so we obviously want to avoid that unless absolutely necessary.
We might have to stay in St. Louis an extra Trimester anyway, depending on if he can keep his grades in the passing zone, but in one class that's not looking very likely. So he is trying to keep up with classes, clinic and studying for boards all at the same time, not to mention being worried about what is going on with his dad.

After 8 months of chemo and radiation, Tye's dad finished his FINAL round of radiation on Thursday and was SO excited to be on the road to recovery. That excitement was extremely short-lived as on Sunday night he had a seizure. When they took him in they found more cancer, this time in his brain. More appointments and more tests are scheduled but the outlook is not good.
Please keep Tye in your prayers and if you happen to have loads of extra anti-depressants and sleep medication lying around he could use that too.


Jaci said...

so sorry to hear about Tyes dad. We will keep them both in our prayers. I hope you are doing ok too with all of the extra stressors. Sorry we dont have any meds to send.
Love you both!

Josh&Lauren said...

There are times when our lives struggles/challenges seem unbearable, but we know we are given them for a reason. I know the lord is watching out for you both and will bless you in this time of need. You, Tye and his dad are in our prayers! Bless Tye's heart for all his hard work. I hope you are doing well also- I'm sure it's just as hard for you with all the hard times. Hang in there you two...we love you!

ps I only have phentermine, and percocet...would either of those help? :)

tangerine said...

UPDATE: Tye did really good on Part 3 yesterday. This week he'll get more info about his dad and then only 3 weeks till Part 4 and hopefully the stress will be substantially less after that.
Also, his sister hooked him up with some illicit drugs (lexapro) so hopefully that will help with the anxiety which in turn will help with the insomnia (we hope!)

Jake&marci said...

That is just a whole bunch of bad news. We are sorry about Tye's dad. What a stressful week. We will keep you all in our prayers. We love you!