Monday, March 3, 2008

Potty father, like....daughter?

And so it begins! I have successfully passed the dominant male Spendlove gene on to my daughter! Couldn't stop laughing when Lauren told me to "come and see what Berlyn's doing." It's a beautiful thing, I'm so proud...a third generation "eternal shitter" and female to boot! Hey, if you're gonna teach 'em, might as well teach 'em right!


tangerine said...

ahHAHAHHHhh! That is TOO awesome. It's not even a picture book, it's a regular grown-up read-a-full-chapter-while-sitting-on-the-crapper book. Note to self: buy "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" for Berlyn's next birfday.

Jaci, I wanna see pics of your kitchen.

Jaci said...

that is a very modest picture for being on the potty. I love the towel on the floor, is that for accidental puddles caused buy waiting too long?
by the way... does berlyn get the toilet seat ring on her bum and legs from all that sitting?
me too.