Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I know that I shouldnt swear but this kid is Damn Cute.
Now she walks and jabbers (mostly just "hi-ya"). She can go up the stairs a hundred times but don't even think about getting her near the top step on the way down! she won't have anything to do with "going down the stairs lessons" She loves to "re-organize" the bookshelves and kitchen drawers... she is always walking around with a spatula, a wire wisk or the pizza cutter. she loves to take all of the clothes out of her drawer and put them in the toy box... ooo what fun! and then sometimes just to be different she will put all of her toys in the clothes drawer.She also loves to put daddy's shoes in the dishwasher and put the dishes in the garbage...who knows how many I threw away before realizing this! (we try never to open the dishwasher when she is around now) She loves to bring people stuff and say "herego" yesterday while my friend was here she brought her about 15 toys, all in different trips. She is pretty funny. She walks around wrinkling her nose, showing her teeth and breathing in and out of her mouth really fast. It's weird, but then mom told me that I used to do that too. go figure.
It is so fun having a 1 year old around here again... its my favorite age and I guess I was missing it. I hope Lauren and Marci are enjoying the boys just as much!


Mother Teresa said...

yeahhhh, she's pretty cute. I must say that 'WE' or 'I' have theeee cutest grandbabies (kids) ever. I just didn't think they could get any cuter than the 1st, but they are all running a close 2nd.

tangerine said...

She is sO0 cute I can't STAND it!!! Give her to me! NOW!!!
Did your cat get tired of the abuse and scratch her eye?

Josh&Lauren said...

Look at that smile....too cute! and you can just eat up those cheeks...I love it!! I agree this age is really fun, but they sure keep you busy with messes huh?! :)

Jake&marci said...

She is so cute, I am jealous that your are all close and can see each other more often. I want to come play. Hopefully we can visit soon.