Tuesday, January 29, 2008

and the nominees are....

here are my entries for the funniest stuff said at my house over the past 2 weeks....

Tait: "Mom, I think I'll just have some cake for lunch"
(2 minutes later I found his birthday cake completely demolished)

Garrett (talking about a boy in his class): "He's not handicapped!! He's smarter than a handicap-- he's been in 1st grade for 2 years!"

Tait: "mom, I just realized that whatever you make is what we have to eat." ( this only took him 6 years to figure out)

Rob: "I would rather crap in a box and mail it to Japan than buy that car" (he was telling this to the tv)

Tanner: "WORD" (apparently that is tanner-speak for thanks.... Sarah had just given him a book that he had forgotten at home. I guess he wanted to be cool in front of his friends)

Tait: "Is this the HOOD?" (listening to Black Eyed Peas on the radio)

other fabulous lines that didnt happen this month:
Tanner: Whats wrong with Sarah's face?
Jaci: What do you mean?
Tanner: It's pretty.

Jaci: Did you like the movie? (Bee Movie)
Garrett: It was rated 'FD'
Jaci: What's that?
Garrett: Freakin' Dumb!

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tangerine said...

very funny post! I can't believe all of that was said in just the past two weeks--it must be constant hilarity at your house! I'm glad you kept track because I'm sure some of those jewels of wisdom are going to end up getting a nomination at the Academy Awards of One Liners.