Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

In memory of the passing of our dear Prophet, I thought that I would send this picture along to all of you. Dad received this from the High Counsel at Christmas and I think it is a great protrayal of his personality. I've been thinking that we would loose him soon, as he has become more frail, but I will still miss him. I don't know who your favorite prophets are, but I grew up with Pres. McKay, so I've always loved him. Then later Pres. Kimball, with his raspy voice touched my heart. I remember after his throat surgery when he joked about falling among cutthroats. But I'm not sure anyone can replace Pres. Hinckley. I have felt closer to him and like he was actually someone I knew. He had a gentleness and a quick sense of humor that we could all relate to. I'm not sure if I sent any of you the clip of him at conference when Pres. Eyring (?) was put in, and how Pres. H. 'knighted' him. I am so sad at his passing , but know that I have learned great things from him. I even managed to barely finish the BOM last year on time, after his challenge to do so before the end of the year. I think we take having a living prophet for granted. But if nothing else, my last year of total stress teaching RS out of the conference talks , probably taught me more and gave me a greater appreciation for just that. President Monson has some pretty big shoes to fill, and as much as I love him, he's not Gordon B.


tangerine said...

I will miss him so much--I love his adorable wit and endless optimism. He always struck the perfect tone in his public appearances, on TV, etc. In a time when the church had been getting so much media attention Hinkley was perfect for the job. Can you imagine Brigham Young delivering his Hellfire and Brimstone message on Larry King?
I think President Hinkley is happy to be back together with his sweetheart.

tangerine said...

Did anyone else see the spot Glen Beck did last night on CNN about the prophet? It was very good.

Mother Teresa said...

No, we didn't see it; too bad. I know dad watches that a lot, but he didn't mention seeing it. It would be fun to see it if anyone has it recorded. anyone? ... anyone?
Yeah, Brig would have been a real hit with the media. Of course he might have gotten some interesting comments if he could slam his cane down and have fire shoot out the ends again.

tangerine said...

haha, that is a sweet visual. If you go to my other blog, I posted the video of Glenn Beck.