Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Halle's Playmate

For any of you who don't know my cat's personality, I will just say that she no-likey the kids. She runs and hides from all persons under 5 feet tall. So what you are about to see is an amazing sight... For some reason Halle can poke her in the ears, eyes and nose, pull her tail and ears off, and smack her repeatedly on the head and the cat never runs away. Its pretty funny. This video is not of the violence.... (I didnt want to see this on CNN tomorrow) It's just Halle playing with her.

oh yeah... the video is too long. so about halfway through you can turn it off. :)


tangerine said...

She's walking!!?

Mother Teresa said...

hey, what happened to her 'goose step'? her hair sure looks dark. well, I successfully forgot to call Dresden on his birthday, didn't catch Whit on his until the next day, also forgot to call Tait . . . so will someone PLEASE remind me to call on Halles? the closer the Parade of homes gets, the more frantic my life becomes. throw in activity days every other tuesday, an attempt at V.T. ( good thing Janet is still my partner and hasn't ditched [or killed] me yet), something besides chips for dinner once a week, and it's no wonder i stay up til 2 to do the laundry! but hey, i made cookies on sunday.